McGill University
School of Computer Science

Computer Science 308-655
Distributed Simulation

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Practical Parallel Simulation Applied to Aviation Modeling

Improving Lookahead in Parallel Discrete Event Simulations of Large-Scale Applications using Compiler Analysis

DVS: An Object Oriented Framework for Distributed Simulation

Event Reconstruction in Time Warp

Addressing Blocking and Scalability in Critical Channel Traversing

The Dependence List in Time Warp

Parallel Network Simulation Under Distributed Genesis

Hybrid Packet/Fluid Flow Network Simulation

Parallel Event-Driven Network Simulations Using the Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron Model

A Scalable Architecture for Supporting Interactive Games on the Internet

Stoneaxes and Warhammers:A Decade of Distributed Simulation in Aviation Research

Large-Scale TCP Models Using Optimistic Parallel Simulation

Optimistic Parallel Discrete Event Simulations of Physical Systems using Reverse Computation

Performance Benchmark of a Parallel and Distributed Network Simulator

XTW, A Parallel and Distributed Logic Simulator

7 O'Clock, A New Network GVT Algorithm Using Atomic Operations"

Batch Basedd Cancellation: A Rollback Optimal Cancellation Scheme in Time Warp Simulations

Analysis of Bounded Time Warp and Comparison with YAWNS

An Empirical Evaluation of Performance-Memory Trade-Offs in Time Warp

On Rolling Back and Checkpointing in Time Warp

Clustered Time Warp and Logic Simulation

Conservative Simulation of Large-Scale Network Simulations

The Dynamic Load Balancing of Clustered Time Warp for Logic Simulation

Integrated Fluid and Packet Network Simulations

Large Scale Network Simulation:How Big? How Fast?