308-522A: Modelling and Simulation

308-522A: Modelling and Simulation

Lecture notes and Info

Course introduction

September 5. Class presentation (pdf).

Tkinter tutorial

September 7. Tutorial including presentation, reference, and examples

Modelling and Simulation Concepts

September 10. Class presentation (pdf). Notes (pdf).

Causal Block Diagrams, Modelling and Simulation Process

September 12. Class presentation (pdf). Notes (pdf, work in progress).

Hierarchy of System Specification

September 17, September 19. September 24. Class presentation (pdf). Notes (pdf).

State Automata

September 26. October 1. Class presentation (pdf).

Adding synchronisation primitives: Petri nets

October 3. October 17. Class presentation (pdf).

Notes: Christos G. Cassandras. Discrete Event Systems. Irwin, 1993. pp. 89 -- 139.

Resources: PNS simulator and examples

Petri nets background info:

Adding hierachy, concurrency: Statecharts

October 22. Class presentation (pdf).

Notes: David Harel. On Visual Formalisms. Communications of the ACM, 31(5):514-530. May 1988.

Statecharts background info:

Applications of Statecharts

October 24.

Notes: David Harel and Eran Gery. Executable Object Modeling with Statecharts. IEEE Computer, July 1997. Vol 30. Issue 7. pp. 31-42.

Statecharts applications background info:

Adding Time: Discrete Event World Views; Gathering Statistics, Pseudo-Random Number Generators

October 29. October 31. Class presentation (pdf). Notes (pdf).

Resources: C code for Marse and Roberts' portable prime modulus multiplicative linear congruential generator.

Process Interaction: GPSS

November 5. November 7. November 12.

Notes: Geoffry Gordon. System Simulation. Prentice Hall. Second Edition. 1996. Chapters 9-10.

Online GPSS resources:
GPSS and Process Interaction background info:

DEVS, the Discrete Event System Specification

November 14. November 19. Class presentation (pdf). Notes (pdf).

A DEVS simulator in Python (simulator + examples).

(real-time) Animation of Simulation Models

November 21. Class presentation (pdf).

Solvers and Languages for Continuous-time Models

November 26. November 28. Class presentation (pdf).

Online resources: The neutral Model-Solver interface definition DSblock

Introduction to Hybrid Models and Solvers

See project presentations.

Population Dynamics, Forrester System Dynamics

December 3. Class presentation (pdf).

Online resources: download the Vensim PLE System Dynamics simulator.

Object-Oriented Modelling of Physical Systems

December 5. Class presentation (pdf)

Resources: the Modelica language website

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