I have three research areas: (a) logics for probabilistic systems and languages (b) theoretical aspects of machine learning (c) quantum information theory. I work on approximation of continuous-state systems and associated metrics and logics. I am working on equivalences and metrics for diffusion and similar continuous-time Markov processes. I am working on a quantitative extension of equational logic which allows one to carry out approximate reasoning equationally. In machine learning I am actively working on the use of metrics, geometry and symmetry in reinforcement learning. I have worked on Stone duality for Markov processes and completeness theorems for Markovian logics. I also worked on duality for automata and using it for minimization. I have not been active in quantum information theory for a while but I have just started working on it again.

I am organizing a workshop on quantitative reasoning at the Bellairs Research Institute in April-May 2023.

I was selected as the 2021 Milner Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. The slides are here.

The editorial boards on which I serve are accessible through Links above.

Recent Talks

From bisimulation to representation ...
The Milner Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 30th September 2021.
Representation learning via metrics. Bologna, May 2021.
Distributional analysis of .... MPI, June 2021.
A categorical view of conditional expectation UCR April 2020
Approximation by averaging PI June 2020
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Recent Conferences and Workshops

LICS 2022 PC member
ICALP 2022 PC member
QPL 2021 PC member
FoSSACS 2020 member
CSL 2020 PC member

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E-mail: prakash@cs.mcgill.ca
Office: McConnell ENGG North Wing 105
Office Phone: +1 514 3987074,FAX: 3983883
My postal address is here; do not use my office number.

I am not teaching any classes in the Fall 2023 term and not coming in to McGill. I will only have Zoom meetings. Please check my Google cal link below for up-to-date information on my weekly schedule.

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