I am retiring at the end of August 2024. I will not take any new students, post-docs or interns from now on.

I was selected as the 2021 Milner Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. The slides are here.

My co-authors, Richard Blute, Josee Desharnais, Abbas Edalat and I won the 2017 Test-of-Time Award from LICS for our 1997 paper on bisimulation for Labelled Markov processes.
My co-authors Josee Desharnais, Vineet Gupta, Radha Jagadeesan and I won the 2022 Test-of-Time award for our 2002 paper, A metric analogue of weak bisimulation.
The editorial boards on which I serve are accessible through Links above.

Some Recent Publications

Policy... JMLR 2024.
Conditions ... AISTATS 2024
Behavioural ... MSCS 2023
A kernel perspective .... TMLR 2023.
Continuous .... NeurIPS 22
Riemannian .... NeurIPS 22
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Recent Talks

From bisimulation to representation ...
The Milner Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 30th September 2021.
Representation learning via metrics. Bologna, May 2021.
Distributional analysis of .... MPI, June 2021.
A categorical view of conditional expectation UCR April 2020
Approximation by averaging PI June 2020
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Recent Conferences and Workshops

LICS 2022 PC member
ICALP 2022 PC member
QPL 2021 PC member
FoSSACS 2020 member
CSL 2020 PC member

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E-mail: prakash.panangaden@mcgill.ca
Office: McConnell ENGG North Wing 105. I no longer go to my office. Do not leave notes or messages for me there.
My postal address is here; do not use my office number.

I am not coming in to McGill, except on very rare occasions. I I will only have Zoom meetings. Please check my Google cal link below for up-to-date information on my weekly schedule.

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