COMP-533 - Handouts

As the course advances, the schedule and handouts (exercises, assignments and solutions) will be available here.


  1. Assignment 1: Slot Machine Domain, Use Case and Environment Model

  2. Assignment 2: Slot Machine, Operation and Protocol Model

  3. Slot Machine Take Home Final (updated version that does not cut off any OCL code)

  4. Assignment 3: Slot Machine GUI Design with RAM, SlotMachine RAM Models

  5. Sample RAM models: Network RAM Models, Design Pattern RAM Models, Utility RAM Models, Workflow Middleware RAM Models

Solutions to Exercises

  1. Objects and Aspects Exercise Solution

  2. Use Cases Exercises Solution

  3. Domain Model Exercises Solution

  4. Environment Model Exercise Solutions

  5. OCL and Concept Model Exercise Solutions

  6. Operation Model Exercise Solutions

  7. Protocol Model Exercise Solutions

  8. Behavioural Design Exercise Solutions

Sample Midterms

  1. Midterm 2010, Solution

  2. Midterm 2012, Solution

  3. Midterm 2013, Solution

Sample Case Studies

  1. 407 ETR Use Case, Environment and Concept Model

  2. 407 ETR Operation Model

  3. 407 ETR Partial Design Solution

Course Schedule and Slides:

Sept. 4th: Course Overview Slides, Course Outline and Intro Test

Sept. 9th: Model-Driven Software Development

Sept. 11th: Objects and Aspects Slides (covered slides 1 - 73)

Sept. 16th: Objects and Aspects Slides (covered slides 74 - end), Use Cases Slides (covered slides 1 - 12)

Sept. 18th: Use Cases Slides (covered slides 13 - end), Domain Model Slides (covered slides 1 - 7)

Sept. 23rd: Use Case Exercises, Domain Model Slides (covered slides 8 - 37)

Sept. 25th: Domain Model Slides (covered slides 38 - end), Environment Model Slides (covered sides 1 - 11)

Sept. 29th: No class

Oct. 2nd: No class

Oct. 7th: Library Domain Model, Automobiles, Use Case Exercises

Oct. 9th: Environment Model Slides (covered slides 12 - end), OCL and Concept Model Slides (covered slides 1 - 28)

Oct. 14th: No class

Oct. 16th: OCL and Concept Model Slides (covered slides 29 - end)

Oct. 21st: URN Slides

Oct. 23rd: Midterm review

Oct. 25th: 2:30 - 4:00pm MC 103: Additional midterm review

Oct. 28th: Train Depot, Elevator Exercises

Oct. 30th: Operation Model Slides (covered slides 1 - end  )

Oct. 30th, 6pm - 9pm, MDHAR G-10: Midterm

Nov. 4th: Train Depot Operation Model, Protocol Model Slides (updated) (covered slides 1 - end)

Nov. 6th: Behavioural Design Slides (cover ed slides 1 - 31)

Nov. 11th: Discussed Midterm Solution, Behavioural Design Slides (covered slides 32 - end)

Nov. 13th: Structural Design Slides (covered slides 1 to 52)

Nov. 18th: Structural Design Slides (covering slides 53 - end), Reusable Aspect Models Slides (covered slides 1 - 19)

Nov. 20th: Reusable Aspect Models Slides (covering slides 20 - 40)

Nov. 25th: Reusable Aspect Models Slides (covered slides 41 - end)

Nov. 27th: Implementation Slides, DREP Slides

Dec. 2nd: AoURN Slides

Dec. 3rd: Meta-Modelling, Concern-Orientation and RAM Research

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