Graduate Students Supervised by T. H. Merrett

Ibrahima Khaya, M.Sc.
SQL Front-end for the JRelix Relational Programming System PDF(340KB) LaTex(156KB)

Yu Gu, M.Sc.
Basic Operators for Semistructured Data in a Relational Programming Language PDF(494KB)

Lili Zhu, M.Sc.
A Generalized Two-Dimensional Display Editor for Relations PDF(1294KB)

Rong Li, M.Sc.
Language Support for a Relational ADT for Clifford Algebra PDF(308KB)

Jiantao Xie, M.Sc.
Text Operators in a Relational Programming Language PDF(758KB)

Fan Guo, M.Sc.
Implementing Attribute Metadata Operators to Support Semistructured Data PS(410KB)
Zhaozhe Ruan, M.Sc.
Abstract Data Types in a Relational Programming Language for Scientific Measures

Zhan Yu, M.Sc.
Implementation of Recursively Nested Relations in JRelix PDF(592KB)
Biology student, McGill University
Shun Hong Kang, M.Sc.
JRelix System Improvement PDF(80KB)
IT System Analyst, Netpower Technologies Inc., Plano, Texas

Yiyi Yang, M.Sc.
Casting and Null Values for Numeric Database Types PDF(241KB)
SCM Specialist, Autodesk Inc, Montreal
Zongyan Wang, M.Sc.
Implementation of Distributed Data Processing in a Database Programming Language PostScript(602KB)
Ph.D. candidate, McGill University

Yiyi Yang, B.Sc.
Infinite-Precision Arithmetic for a Database Programming Language
SCM Specialist, Autodesk Inc, Montreal

Yi Zheng, M.Sc.
Abstract Data Types and Extended Domain Operations in a Nested Relational Algebra LaTeX source(797KB) PostScript(306KB) PDF(861KB)
Economist, Bank of Canada, Ottawa

Andy Chang, M.Sc.
Implementation of Sigma-Joins in a Nested Relational Language
Programmer/Analyst, WoodRidge Data Solutions Inc, Brockville, Ont.

Hongyu Zhao, M.Sc.
Implementation of Quantified Selection in a Nested Relational Language
Software Analyst and Developer, Futurion Inc., Montreal

Andrey Rozenberg, M.Sc.
Implementing Attribute Metadata with Application to Data Mining PostScript(446KB)
Software Engineer, Miranda Technologies, Montreal
Sung Soo Kang, M.Sc.
Implementation of Functional Mapping in a Nested Domain Algebra
Director of Professional Services and Integration, Nakisa Consulting Inc, Montreal

YuLing Chen, M.Sc.
A G.I.S. Editor for a Database Programming Language PostScript(511KB)
IBM Toronto Laboratories
Youhua Chen, M.Sc.
Infinite-Precision Arithmetic for a Database Programming Language
IT Systems Analyst, Motorola MCSC Inc., Montreal

Xiaoyan Zhao, Ph.D.
Trie Methods for Structured Data on Secondary Storage PostScript(342KB)
Engineering Manager and Site Director, Sybase Inc., Shanghai

Ian Garton, M.Sc.
Concurrency in B-Trees and Tries PDF(318KB)
Software Developer, Richmond Systems Ltd, Richmond, B.C.

Weizhong Sun, M.Sc.
Updates and Events in a Nested Relation Programming Language HTML(484KB)
Associate, McKinsey & Company, Shanghai
Maxim Andreev, M.Sc.
Operations on Text in a Database Programming Language PostScript LaTeX source
Senior Developer, My Virtual Model Inc, Montreal
Zhongxia Yuan, M.Sc.
Java Implementation of the Domain Algebra for Nested Relations PostScript(341KB)
Software Engineer, Lucent Technologies Inc., Naperville, IL

Patrick Baker, M.Sc.
Design and Implementation of Database Computations in Java
Omnimark Technologies, Ottawa

Angelica Valdivia Martinez, M.Sc.
Implementing G.I.S. Spatial Operations in a Database System

Biao Hao, M.Sc.
Implementation of the Nested Relational Algebra in Java PostScript(198KB) LaTeX source(182KB)
IBM Toronto Software Lab
Hongbo He, M.Sc.
Implementation of Nested Relations in a Database Programming Language PostScript(124KB) LaTeX source(107KB)
ILX Systems Canada, Toronto

Borivoj Stojkovic, M.Sc.
Team Leader, Systems Architect, Genizon BioSciences Inc., St.Laurent, Que.
Rebecca Lui, M.Sc.
Implementation of Procedures in a Database Programming Language PostScript(185KB) LaTeX source(315KB)
Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Walid Saliba, M.Sc.
Queries on Mutually Nested Objects, Motivated by G.I.S. Applications
Systems Development Manager, Autodesk, Inc., Montreal

Elie Saade, M.Sc.
Triangulating Contours in Large Maps
ILX Systems, New Jersey

Charles Kekeh, M.Sc.
Buttons as Representations of Links in Variable Resolution Maps
STS Systems, Montreal

Ahmad El-Kays, M.Sc.
Implementation of Event Handlers in a Database Programming Language HTML(333KB)
Data Architect - Enterprise Information Planning & Strategy, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Ont.
Richard Toussaint, M.Sc.
Data Structures and Operations for Geographical Information
Ville de Montreal, Division du developpement des systemes

Wing-Ho Kwan, M.Sc.
Interoperability in multidatabase systems
Senior Systems Designer, Ottawa

Heping Shang, Ph.D.
Trie Methods for Text and Spatial Data on Secondary Storage PostScript(185KB) LaTeX source(2442KB)
Sybase, Inc., Emeryville, California

Luminita Stancu, M.Sc.
World Information Tool, A Geographical Approach to Resource Discovery on the Internet
Rohnert Park, CA
Jared Chiama, M.Sc.
Text Operations for a Relational Database Programming Language

Nattavut Sutyanyong, M.Sc.
Procedural Abstraction in a Relational Database Programming Language
Software Engineer, IBM Canada, Toronto
Ramzi Baroody, M.Sc.
Nested Relations and Object-Orientation on Secondary Storage
Radical Computing, Toronto

Andrew Pidcock, M.Sc.
FSL: A Language for Constraint Programming with Booleans and Reals

Bassem Khalife, M.Sc.
Transformations of large maps
Senior Project Manager, PMP, Symbian Software Ltd, Southwark, UK
Lina Jabbour, M.Sc.
Implementation of QT-selectors in Aldat

Gongyu Dai, M.Sc.
MapView: A viewer for picture data bases
Bell Northern Research, Ottawa

Philippe Schalk, M.Sc.
Implementing statement operators for parallelism and nondeterminism

Mark Sokolowski, M.Sc.
GEV and GIV: the core of PRDH (Programme de recherche en demographie historique)

Mariza Komioti, M.Sc.
Implementation of Process Synchronization and Other Operators in a Database Programming Language
Consultant, Athens

Ellen Mnushkin, M.Sc.
Inheritance in a Relational Object-Oriented Database System
Australian Tax Office
Xian Xiang Hu, M.Sc.
Implementation of a Constraint-Based Graphics Editor for Relix
Yahoo Inc, California

Samir Douik, M.Sc.
Implementation of Delay and Nondeterminism in a Database Programming Language
Director of Infrastructure, Methods and Tools, Ericsson Ltd., Montreal
Andre Clouatre, Ph.D.
Implementation and Applications of Recursively Defined Relations
Directeur, Bureau du developpement, Universite de Montreal

Jok Tjie Yap, M.Sc.
Voice/digital and digital/voice conversion on a microcomputer

Stephen Talko, M.Sc.
Enhancements to the user interface of a multipaged relational database system

Stavros Mohlulis, M.Sc.
Relational databases and temporal computations

Bjorgvin Gunnlaugsson, M.Sc.
Concurrency and Sharing in Prolog and in a Picture Editor for Aldat

Maria Tsakalis, M.Sc.
Implementing QT-selectors and Updates for a Primary Memory Version of Aldat
Brussels Office Manager, Intracom S.A.

Robert John Wilson, M.Sc.
redit - an Editor for a Relational Database Environment

Hua-i Chiu Franks, M.Sc.
BIBLIOGRAF: a system for storage and retrieval of bibliographic references on a microcomputer
Charles Snow, M.Sc.
MRDSC: a relational DBMS for UNIX using Z-order and B-trees
Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia

Linda Fiszer, M.Sc.
TALE EDIT: an application of relational databases to text linguistics

Melanie E. Gaudon, M.Sc.
Extensions to Aldat to Support Distributed Database Operations with no Global Schema

Ann Chong, M.Sc.
Implementation of the mu-Joins in relix

Cecilia Vargas, M.Sc.
Building an interactive spreadsheet using the relational algebra
Ph.D. candidate, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent

Normand Laliberte, M.Sc.
Design and Implementation of a Primary Memory Version of Aldat, Including Recursive Relations
Amdahl, Mississauga
Leslie Agrin Eiser, M.Sc.
Microcomputer Graphics to Teach High School Physics
MBA candidate, McGill University

Eddie Mok, M.Sc.
dBible, a bible study aid

Frank Lok, M.Sc.
A galley and page formatter based on relations

Robin Dhillon, M.Sc.
High resolution graphics for FORTRAN 1.1 on the Apple II
Repair and improvements to MRDS(FS)

Carole Simard, M.Sc.
Relational Algebra on a Parallel-Sort Database Machine
High school math teacher, Union City CA

Rodrigo Sandoval, M.Sc.
Processing picture queries with Aldat
Roger de Peiza, M.Sc.
Incorporating tables into text, using relational representations

Jatinder Pal, M.Sc.
Multipaging Implementation of MRDS on Unix

Brenda Fayerman, M.Sc.
A Text Editor Based on Relations
Director of Information Technology, Bialik High School, Montreal

Nikos Rallis, M.Sc.
Geometric Performance Evaluation of Concurrency Control in Database Systems

Amir Alexan, M.Sc.
Generalized communications interface for the Apple II

Felix Manuel Nevraumont, M.Sc.
An inventory control system based on Aldat
A machine-aided translation system based on Aldat

Brian E. Smith, M.Sc.
Survey of relational database systems for microcomputers
Pierre Boulay, M.Sc.
SIC Systeme d'information en mode conversationnel
Procol, Inc, Montreal

Ihebuzor, M.Sc.
Indexing text represented as relations

Yap, M.Sc.
Time as an abstract data type

Ekow Joseph Otoo, Ph.D.
Low Level Structures in the Implementation of the Relational Algebra
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Bernhard Duechting, M.Sc.
A Relational Picture Editor
Senior Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle Deutschland GmbH, Berlin

Ted Van Rossum, M.Sc.
Implementation of a Domain Algebra and a Functional Syntax for a Relational Database System
Montreal Childrens' Hospital

Shigeo Inoue, M.Sc.
The application of Aldat to library acquisition and circulation systems

Ines Lara de Anderson, M.Sc.
The algebraic approach to text
Oakville, Ont.

Jack Abraham Orenstein, Ph.D.
Algorithms and data Structures for Implementing Relational Databases
Chief Architect, Archivas Inc., Walthsm MA
Siew Gek Tan, M.Sc.
Information retrieval using Aldat

George Chiu, M.Sc.
A Relational Algebra Database System for a Microcomputer

George Scodras, M.Sc.
Microcomputer forms processor based on MRDSP - implementation
Microcomputer forms processor based on MRDSP

Hing Cheung Ho, M.Sc.
Integrity Control in a Relational Database
Raul Crespo Rivera, M.Sc.
Formatting data of type text

Guido Dallavolta, M.Sc.
Microcomputer forms processor based on MRDSP
Virtual screen: infinite game of life on a microcomputer

Hoang Tuyen Nguyen, M.Sc.
Apple intelligent terminal for MUSIC users
DOSZAP a system for direct search and update of diskette sectors under Apple II DOS

Syed H. Kazem Zaidi, M.Sc.
Implementation of MRDSP

Enrico Culebro, M.Sc.
Virtual screen: infinite game of life on a microcomputer
Independent consultant, Texas
Ragui Kamel, M.Sc.
The Information Processing Language Aldat: Design and Implementation
Bell Northern Research, Ottawa
Paramjit Singh Sehdev, M.Sc.
Implementation of chronological relations

Anne Barkman, M.Sc.
English as a second language sessions: transcript analysis

Hoffman, M.Sc.
Report query processor

Charles Tsao, M.Sc.
Heuristic Detection of Extrinsic Functional Dependencies

Faye Daneliuk, M.Sc.
The Design and Implementation of a Data Base System for Bibliographic Applications on a Minicomputer
Patent Office, Ottawa

Paramjit Singh, M.Sc.
Terminal access B.A.R.S.: telephone customer analysis

Chen, M.Sc.
Profit analysis and accounting with Aldat

Pyunghee Kim, M.Sc.
Profit analysis and accounting with Aldat
Angel Fung, M.Sc.
Distribution of data

Kilambi, M.Sc.
A snag utility

Jeff Parkovnick, M.Sc.
The corporate services database system

Alexandru Weiner, M.Sc.
A Cost Analysis of B-trees
Rostam Joobbani, M.Sc.
Data Entry Methods for an Urban Graphics Database

Bruno Leps, M.Sc.
Survey of database applications and management systems
Blood bank information retrieval system

Hamid Alvandi, M.Sc.
MRDS print routines
Godfrey Iloabachie, M.Sc.
Graphic display of lattice atoms

Hussam Mahgoub, M.Sc.
System for Computer-Aided Instruction for Astronomy

Chang Kim, M.Sc.
Implementation and Comparison of Key-Finding Algorithms
Russell Croft, M.Sc.
A computerized slide projector system
A computer method for obtaining "actual" routing mileage in railway networks

Govind Kriplani, M.Sc.
A student record management system
To, M.Sc.
Accounts payable system on a small computer

Aminul Varis, M.Sc.
SFILE - Extraction and Listing from Sequential Files
Peter Swirzon, M.Sc.
Fleet Capability Model