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As the course advances, the lecture and handouts are available here.

Course and Project Handouts

Course Outline

Informal Project Requirements: Medieval Warfare

Milestone 1: User Interface Sketch due Oct. 15th

Milestone 2: Requirements Models due Nov. 21st

Milestone 3: Design Models due Feb. 16th (new due date and slightly updated takeoverTile and moveUnit operations)

Milestone 4: Demonstration, takes place on March 12th

Milestone 5: Additional Requirements and Acceptance Test

Exercise Solutions

Object-Orientation Exercise Solutions

Domain Model Exercise Solutions, Insurance Exercise Solution

Use Cases Exercise Solutions

Structural Requirements Exercise Solutions

Behavioural Requirements Exercise Solutions

Sample Models

Slot Machine Requirements Models

Slot Machine Interaction Model, Slotmachine Design Class Model (TouchCORE format)

Sample Exams

Midterm 2013, Midterm 2013 Solution

Another Midterm Example, Midterm Example Solution

Part of Final 2012

Final 2014, Solution Final 2014 (also contains solution of Part of Final 2012)

Course Slides

Sept. 3rd: Overview Slides

Sept. 8th: Project Overview Slides, Software Engineering and Modelling Slides (1 - 13)

Sept. 10th: Software Engineering and Modelling continued, Object-Orientation Slides (1 - 17)

Sept. 15th: Object-Orientation continued

Sept. 17th: Domain Model Slides (1 - 39), Homework for Monday: Employee and Automobiles Questions

Sept. 22nd: Domain Model continued

Sept. 24th: Discussion of Library and Insurance Domain Modelling Exercise

Sept. 29th: Use Cases Slides (1 - 31), Homework for Wednesday: Drink Vending Machine Use Case

Oct. 1st: Use Cases continued, Specifying Structural Requirements Slides (1 - 23)

Oct. 4th: No Class, group meetings

Oct. 6th: No Class, group meetings

Oct. 13th: Thanksgiving

Oct. 15th: Specifying Structural Requirements continued, Specifying Behavioural Requirements Slides (1 - 28)

Oct. 20th: Discussed Gas Station EM, Specifying Behavioural Requirements continued, Homework for Wednesday: Elevator EM and CM

Oct. 22nd: Discussed Elevator EM and CM, Distributed Game Architecture Slides (1 - 12), Homework for Monday: Train Depot CM and OM

Oct. 27th: Discussed Train Depot CM and OM, Distributed Game Architecture continued, Homework for Wednesday: Elevator OM, Drink Vending Machine EM and PM

Oct. 29th: Discussed Elevator OM, Drink Vending Machine EM and PM

Nov 3rd & Nov. 5th: Meetings

Nov. 10th: Discussed Clinical Lab System, Behavioural Design Slides (1 - 17)

Nov. 12th: Behavioural Design continued

Nov. 17th & Nov. 19th: Meetings

Nov. 24th: Structural Design Slides (1-32)

Nov. 26th: Midterm 2013 discussion, Structural Design continued

Dec. 1st: Midterm 2013 discussion

Dec. 3rd: Structural Design continued, discussed milestone 3

Christmas Break

Jan 6th: Midterm 2014 Solution Discussion, Implementation Slides

Jan 8th: No class

Week Jan 12th - Jan 16th: 1st Design Meeting

Jan 20th: Discussion of Milestone 4, TouchCORE demo, Collaborative Modelling of Final 2012 Design

Jan 22nd: No class

Jan 27th: Serialization and Networking Slides, Discussion of Final 2012 part 2

No office hours between Jan 29th and Feb 6th

Feb. 3rd: No class

Feb. 5th: No class

Feb 10th: Discussion of Final 2014

Feb 12th: No class

Week Feb 16th - Feb 20th: 2nd Design Meeting

Feb. 23rd: Midterm/Final 18:00 - 21:00 in ST/BIO S1/3

Feb 24th: No class

Feb 26th: No class

March 2nd - March 6th: Spring Break

March 10th: No class

March 12th: Demos

March 17th: No class

March 19th: No class

March 24th: Final 2015 Solution Discussion

March 26th: Profiling Slides

March 31st: Guest Speaker: Patrick Boutot (Senior Programmer) from Warner Brother Games Montreal is going to talk about “Software Architecture of a Typical AAA Game Engine”

April 2nd: Guest Speakers Skyler Dawson, Dmitri Prykhodko (BioWare) and Lindsay Godson (University Relations and Co-Ops) from Electronic Arts

April 7th: Meta-modelling and Concern-Orientation

April 9th: No class

April 10th: Acceptance Test according to schedule:

8:30: MD5

9:00: Team Socket

9:30: HDDP

10:00: Civet Atelier

10:30: Paul’s Team

11:00: BENAK

11:30: Trojan Horse

12:00: Potatoes

12:30: 5 Guys

13:00: Rita

13:30: Super Fox Brigade

14:00: BHEX

14:30: Medusa’s Coders

15:00: Digi Destined

15:30: new World(Order)

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