Deliverables and milestones

The weekly schedule will refer to both deliverables and milestones.

The deliverables and milestones are due on Friday of the week indicated on the schedule. The only exceptions are the two biggest projects. the peephole contest, which is due on Monday of week 12, and the WIG compiler/report which is due on Monday of week 14.

All deliverables should be handed in at the beginning of class on the day on which they are due. Any material that needs to be e-mailed should be sent to the TA. Please follow the directions given on the web page for each milestone/deliverable.

A deliverable is a documentation of a part of a project that you are required to hand in. The given deadlines are firm. The deliverables are:

A milestone is a subproject that you should have completed at the given point in time, if you want to keep on track. For each milestone you should summarize your progress and e-mail a short report to your TA who will keep track of how you are doing. You are strongly recommended to meet the deadlines for the milestones, and the TA will note how well you perform in meeting milestones. If you are having trouble with a milestone you should visit the TA or instructor during their office hours for help. The milestones are: