deliverable: report

You must hand the report on your compiler project.

You should hand in a postscript or pdf version on your report by e-mailing it to your TA. Do NOT mail word documents. The subject of your e-mail should be "CS 520 - group xx - WIG report", where xx is your group number.

A hard copy, clearly printed and labeled with your group number should be handed in at room 228 McConnell before noon on the day on which it is due.

Your report should describe and motivate any extensions, restrictions, or clarifications that you have made in the WIG language specification. It should also describe the individual passes of your compiler, highlighting the choices that you have made. Finally, you must present adequate documentation that your WIG system actually works. A report should be around 30 pages and follow the outline in the file the wig report directory .

Remember a clear report, written in good style and with good packaging is important.