deliverable: compiler

You must hand in the source code for your compiler.

You should hand in your compiler by making a jar file with all of the files which comprise your compiler, including a Makefile or a build.xml file and a README file. The jar file should be sent by e-mail, as an attachment, to your TA. The subject line should say "CS 520 - group xx - WIG compiler", where xx is your group number.

A hard copy, clearly printed and labeled with your group number should be handed in at room 228 McConnell before noon on the day it is due. Please note that it would be worthwhile to spend some time in packaging your source in a manner which makes it easy to read. Perhaps you can bind it with each module separated by a divider, or some similar mechanism. Make it as easy as possible for your TA to look at and understand your code.

Remember comments in your code! We want nice as well as correct code.