milestone: CGI vs. WIG

At this point in time you should:
  • have understood the CGI protocol;
  • have written and tested a CGI-script;
  • have written and tested a WIG-service; and
  • have read and understood the WIG project description.

Your WIG-service should be interactive and take advantage of WIG language features. Your WIG compiler will take a program written in WIG and implement it using a CGI-script. Discuss how you might implement your WIG service in a CGI-script. You should submit an e-mail summary of your progress to your TA. You should summarize your progress for each of the steps above. You must also submit your CGI script and WIG service as an attachment to the mail message. Your milestone will not be complete until this has been received.

This milestone is small, you should be able to complete it quickly. You should take the time now to ensure that you are familiar with SableCC or Yacc and Bison.

The summary and attachment are due on Friday of the week for this milestone. Remember that successfully completing the milestones is a key factor for completing the project, and timely completion of milestones is part of the grade for the course.