milestone: Group Formation and Project Preparation

At this point in time you should have:
  • Decided on the members of your group.
  • Determined in what language you will be writing the WIG project.
  • Ascertained your group's chosen method of source control.
  • Have had at least one formal meeting in which you have discussed the schedule of future meetings and your plans for dividing the work. Will there be one architect and several implementors, or will each person be responable different sections, or will you employ some other division?

You should submit an e-mail summary of your progress to your TA. Use the subject heading of "CS 520 - group xx - Group formation", where xx is your group number. You should summarize your progress for each of the steps above. For each person in the group we require their first and last name, username at SOCS, email address, and a description. The description should include the current year of study and the background that prepares them for building a large project. In addition to your progress summary a quick discussion of any potential problems should be included after your group has attempted a small exercise together. Your milestone will not be complete until this has been received.

The summary, group information and potential problem discussion are due on Friday of the week for this milestone. Remember that successfully completing the milestones is a key factor for completing the project, and timely completion of milestones is part of the grade for the course.