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Michael is currently located in the Software Engineering Lab: MC322 (don't forget to knock if the door's closed!)

It is currently Saturday May 26th 23:16:42

Contact Information

E-mail: e-mail address

I check my e-mail everyday, so it's the best way to get in touch with me. If my office hours do not work for you, please contact me and we can arrange another time to meet.

Personal Webpage: Mikeware
Personal Webcomic: Applehead & Mr. Orange

Latest Information

03/24/2008 - Easter Holiday, No Office Hours Today, instead Tuesday 25th 1:30-2:30 PM

02/12/2008 - Started cs361 Site

01/28/2008 - No Office Hours Today, will hold Office Hours this coming Friday instead for this week.

01/09/2008 - Updated office hours for new semester

11/27/2007 - No Office Hours Nov. 27 or 28th at Conference

10/22/2007 - Added More Links

10/05/2007 - Reminder - No Office Hours This Monday As Holiday, Office Hours on Tuesday as Normal: 11:00AM-12:30PM

10/03/2007 - Added information for cs322

09/10/2007 - Added information for Fall 2007 Semester

09/05/2007 - Added Slides for cs208 here.

04/09/2007 - Slides on Java Profiling can be found here

04/09/2007 - Due to Easter Holidays, Office hours will not be held Monday, but instead on Tuesday the 10th from 11:30-12:30

03/05/2007 - Office hours will not be held as I will be at GDC

01/31/2007 - Added page for 361 FAQ here.

01/08/2007 - Made Updates for new semester

12/06/2006 - Added section about programming pitfalls here.

10/20/2006 - Back to school from Cascon today. Cascon was pretty awesome. Lots of great speakers, enlightening information, and some great food too. Definately a lot more interest in the Mammoth project with our booth, and I even thought of some new ideas.

TA/Lecturer Information

I'm usually in the Software Engineering Lab (MC322), but as you can see above, I've provided a nice way to find out exactly where I am. Feel free to e-mail me with questions or to setup an appointment outside of my office hours.

I am currently the "Technical" TA for COMP 361. I support C/C++, Java (and Minueto), and Python (with PyGame).

My office hours this semester will be the following: In the past I have taught the following course: In the past I have been the TA for the following courses:

About Me

My name is Michael A. Hawker. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, but I have lived most of my life near Burlington, Vermont. I decided to come to McGill when I graduated from Champlain Valley Union High School.

I currently am pursuing a Masters degree at McGill in Computer Science. I also completed my undergraduate studies at McGill with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy.

My ambition in life is to have my own software company to make better software and games.

My Research

I am currently studying under the supervision of Jörg Kienzle working on the Mammoth Project.

I am currently taking no classes this semester and focusing on my research. In the past, I have taken the following courses during the study of my Masters degree:
My proposed plan of research involves distributing the Mammoth sub-game architecture and ensuring harmony among the games and the world-state.


I probably should have been in Software Engineering. I love programming, and I love designing and optimizing systems to make things better. Not only for speed, efficiency, and readability but also for expandability.

I am proficient in a number of programming languages including C/C++, Python, Java, and PHP. I'm also a strict stickler to the web-standards HTML and CSS.

I've currently released a demo of my latest game, it's available on my website here.

Other Work

Outside of programming I also have many other hobbies. One of which is music. I've recently released a CD containing some of the techno music I use in my games. It's available for sale here.

Helpful Links

My Programming Pitfalls Section is here.


   C FAQ
   C Library Reference Guide
   The GNU C Library
   C Standard Library
   C Preprocessor


   C++ Language Tutorial
   C++ Reference Search
   Notes on C++
   C++ Strings
   Operator Overloading


   Fortran 77 Standard
   Fortran Intrinsic Functions


   PyGame (Python Engine - Using SDL)
   SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer (Multi-platform Engine)
   Minueto (Java Engine)
   Amit's Game Programming


   A Visual Guide to Layout Managers
   == vs. equals()
   How to Make a Jar File


   Python Global Module Index

Python / C

   Python's C/Python API
   Definitive Tkinter Reference

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