Programming Pitfalls

Below you will find answers to some annoying troubles I've had in my adventures in programming. It's amazing after so many years that there are so many undocumented features or little support for common features. But, hopefully my hours of frustration over what should be trivial things will serve you well. I'll probably add other helpful tips that others I've encountered have encountered as well.

Java RMI

Just don't...(I'll have to update this section again when I remember more...)

Setup Usage

Java Sockets

Ensure that when setting up Input and Output streams that their order is opposing on the client and server otherwise both will hang. It didn't seemed to be documented anywhere and was a big headache.

Externalization is a useful tool to save space in a network object. Normaly when you serialize a message in Java it saves everything (variable names, method names, etc...). This wastes a lot of space if you know the structure of your object.

However, externalization needs to have a blank empty constructor myclass() { } in order to function properly.

Java Spread

Setup Usage

Java Swing

The eclipse form designer is very helpful, but doesn't seem to work so well on McGill lab machines.

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Strings Lists Win32 Console Lib

Eclipse SVN

General Issues Malformed Data Exception Folder " doesn't exist

Google Gadgets

Required Properties Must be set Inline Gadget can't be rendered in iFrame