Introduction to Computing 1 -- Course Materials
Winter 2011


Here are some suggestions to follow and important concepts: Midterm suggestions
Practice exam (shorter than the full midterm)
Practice exam (shorter than the full midterm) solutions
As promised in class, a (rather crazy) one line method for selecting the first 8 perfect numbers. Note that the program is too slow to finish on my computer because the numbers are so large. Feel free to change the method perfectNumber() to something simpler (such as multiple of 4) to convince yourself that the program works properly. Also this is purely for entertainment value although working through the logic of why it works may be interesting.

Materials related to the quiz, the midterm and final will be posted here.


If you have a scheduling conflict (you are registered in a course for which the midterm examination overlaps with the COMP-202 midterm examination), you MUST notify your section instruction by e-mail.


The date of the final exam is set by the University.