Introduction to Computing 1 -- Course Materials
Summer 2011


Specifications, supporting files and solutions to all assignments will be posted here as they become available.

General Assignment Material

Note that it is every student's responsibility to read and understand the following material.

Assignment 1

Due Wednesday, May 18, 23:30.

Assignment 2

Due Monday, May 30, 23:30.

Assignment 3

Due Monday, June 13, 23:30.

Important note 1: I have announced in class that it is okay to hand in the assignment any time before the solutions are posted with no late penalty. The solutions will be not be posted before June 18th. Any assignments submitted after the solutions have been posted will not be accepted. (Assignment 4 will be based on assignment 3)

Important note 2: I think I confused people in class today (Thursday) when I said your methods should be non-static. This comment referred only to the methods in the ImageConverter class. The methods in the MatrixUtilities class should be static as specified in the pdf. (It is ambiguous whether the ImageConverter methods should be static or not)

Assignment 4

Due Monday, July 4th, 23:30.

Assignment 4 is based off of assignment 3 and adds to it. I will be providing solutions for assignment 3. These will be posted first thing Monday morning. If you have not yet handed in your assignment, you must upload it to webct or email it to me by tonight (Sorry for any confusion over the due date)

Make sure to hand in as well for part 3!