All newly admitted students should attend the Orientation during Welcome Week prior to the Labour Day weekend. Please see the department website for details.

For advising on procedural matters relevant to undergraduates, students should contact Liette Chin, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, by calling 514-398-7071 ext. 00739 to schedule an appointment. Please always include your Student ID number to ensure proper identification.

Planning to graduate this year?

If you are planning to graduate this year, you can email Liette Chin to ask for a Degree Audit at least one semester before your final semester. Also make sure that you apply to graduate on Minerva by the appropriate deadlines.

Planning to transfer to the School of Computer Science?

You can find information on Intra-Faculty and Inter-Faculty by searching the McGill web site. For transfers that involve the Faculty of Science , see

General Advising

Current Advisors in SOCS

Professors on the school's undergraduate committee also provide advising on academic issues. Advising is typically done near the beginning of each term, but may also be done by appointment at any time.

Please send an email to only one person. The individual who received the email will forward it to the correct person if there was an error.

Special AdvisingWait list Issues and Course registration problemsTess Pian
COMP 202 206 250David Becerra
Course equivalency evaluationMathieu Blanchette
Please click: Nimbus
CS MinorsChristophe Dubach
Please click: Minors
Exchange Students
(Students taking courses in another university (exchange / study-away)
Mathieu Blanchette
Software EngineeringJörg Kienzle
Special CasesRobert Robere
COMP 400, COMP 396, COMP 480Faten M’hiri (Fall)
Jacob Errington (Winter & Summer)
Bioinformatics and CS/Bio programJérôme Waldispühl
Data Science and AIPrakash Panangaden
General AdvisingU0 U1David Becerra
U1 U2Joseph Vybihal
U2 U3Brigitte Pientka
U3 U4Adrian Vetta
GraduateRobert Robere
Remote Teaching IssuesCourses and Exams Brigitte Pientka
Equity, Diversity and InclusionEDI RepPrakash Panangaden
AccessibilityDavid Rolnick