Room Bookings

The School of computer Science offers to student groups and faculty members to book some rooms in the Trottier ans McConnell buildings.

*** Given the volume of reservation requests, we haven't the time to approve each individual request. To this end, reservations should be assumed approved with the understanding that we will follow up only in the case that a conflict arises. ***

The SOCS Facility booking System

The SOCS Facility booking System is split in two instances:


The rooms available for reservations are:

  • ENGTR 3090
  • ENGTR 3104
  • ENGTR 3110
  • ENGTR 3120

*** Please note: Due to the volume of requests, confirmations emails are not sent. ***


How to book a room

To book a room, login to one of the instances with your CS username and password and select the date, time and room you want to book.