For advising on procedural matters relevant to undergraduates, students should contact Liette Chin, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, by calling 514-398-7071 ext. 00739 to schedule an appointment. Please always include your Student ID number to ensure proper identification.

Planning to graduate this year?

If you are planning to graduate this year, you can email Mrs. Liette Chin to ask for a Degree Audit at least one semester before your final semester. Also make sure that you apply to graduate on Minerva by the appropriate deadlines.

Planning to transfer to the School of Computer Science?

You can find information on transfers (Intra-Faculty and Inter-Faculty) here. For further advice, you can make an appointment to see Mary Gauthier by or by 514-398-1368.

Current Advisors

Members of the school's undergraduate committee provide advising on academic issues. Advising is typically done near the beginning of each term, but may also be done by appointment at any time.

  1. Clark Verbrugge - General, Exchange, Special Cases, Software Engineering
  2. Muthucumaru Maheswaran - CS Minors
  3. Jörg Kienzle - COMP 400, COMP 396, COMP 480
  4. Jérôme Waldispühl - Bioinformatics and CS/Bio program (not on ugrad committee, but available for advice on Bioformatics and CS/Bio programs)
  5. Mathieu Blanchette - Bioinformatics and CS/Bio programs
  6. Brigitte Pientka - General

General Advising

  1. Science: SOUSA - Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising
  2. Arts: OASIS - Office of Advising & Student Information Services
  3. Michael Langer
  4. David Meger
  5. Joseph Vybihal