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Some trinkets:
pushd ~/school/ && ls -al
Too cool for school
cat ~comotion/.plan

I hack, snowboard, play pool and sail when I get the chance. I love watching movies and anime (anime movies even). I like to wax philosophical about just about anything. When I have time, I go paintballing, swimming, dancing or capoeira.

With the advent of the year 2009 I took a job at Northern Europe's largest open-source company Redpill-Linpro, where I'm learning all kinds of new things in the field of unixy infrastructure while churning out pounds of perlish glue. I've even started a techish sort of blog.

In 2008 lived and worked in Warsaw, where I spent my time polishing my bike and started this one-man company called Delta-9.

Fall 2006 to January 2008 I lived in Oslo city with my talented brother while working for Norman on their linux portfolio and other hackish things.

Summer of 2006 was spent in Montreal - convocating and generally having a great time with my friends there, meanwhile hanging on the phone every day talking to Immigration Canada, Immigration Quebec, HR Canada and HR McGill to try and persuade them to give me a temporary work permit in a timely fashion so I could go work on ultra-videoconferencing. After 3 months of this limbo, my potential employer and I were both all too ready to give up - and I grabbed the next flight to Warsaw to meet up with my family.

Spring I was back in Molde, Norway, figuring out how to persuade CIC to let me have my hard-earned degree while at the same time looking at what I wanted to do this Summer.

Winter 2006 I spent visiting my brother in Oslo until I went to Chamonix, France to be a ski bum. I was lucky enough to find work at Chamonix Shuttles and Nomadic Ski.

The Fall term of 2005 I finished my CS degree with Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science ("It's Comput-ing not Comput-er Science" - Therien), Networks, Cryptography and Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory. Fuun.

In the Summer of 2005, after taking a May course, I went back to Norway to visit my family. We then rented a sailboat in Croatia and sailed the Adriatic. Immediately after, I worked as security for the Molde International Jazz Festival, mostly making sure that drunk people wouldn't hurt themslves too much. After that, mom and I went to Poland, where we were joined by my father and my brother, and spent a good three weeks in Warsaw.

The term of Winter 2005, I was taking Database Systems and Computer Vision, and I was allowed to take Optimizing Compilers and Non-Photorealistic Rendering, both at graduate level. That's four project courses. It's been a long term of living, eating and sleeping in the labs, but it's over now, and it looks like I made it.

Fall 2004 I was taking Compiler Design, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Numerical Computing. Those were all interesting courses, and the term did prove to be quite a challenge. However, I am satisified with my achievements.

In the Summer of 2004, I took Ordinary Differential Equations and started working as BOFH at the Bioengeneering Lab at McGill. I worked there until March 2005.

In the Winter of 2004, I was taking Discrete Structures II, Operating Systems, Algorithm Design, Data Compression and the Systems Development Project. It was busy as hell, and the exams almost killed me.

Navy Battle Ships crazy 1337 game On the right you'll find a screenshot of the game Denis, Louis, Hani and I put together for our Systems Development Project (COMP-361). Click on it if you're short-sighted.

My material wants are available for perusal, in case you're planning on getting me a present. I like presents.

cat /home/comotion/garbage
cat /dev/urandom | grep $PATTERN_IN_CHAOS

... read some, unless reading gives you physical pain that is. Then again, you would probably not be reading this then, now would you?

ls -al /home/*

Friends drop on and off the net all the time... if you know me and don't see yourself described and linked above, get in touch! Chances are I didn't know you had a website.