McGill University
Computer Science Dept.


A Project for COMP-767 - Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Michael Batchelder and Kacper Wysocki
Winter 2005


This project's aim is to bring some of these technical enhancements to a 3D real-time engine, along the lines of papers by Gooch, et al and Rasker [see references]. We use the Quake 3D engine provided by ID Software as our rendering tool. It uses OpenGL to render sets of polygons to the screen, often applying texture maps to these polygons to simulate various surfaces. We use the NPRQuake extension to the Quake engine, which abstracts the drawing calls out of the engine, making it easy to implement new rendering styles. NPRQuake has already been used to produce a number of styles including a pencil sketch style and a cartoon style. As in these styles, it is our goal not to produce any technical models, but to use the very maps and models provided by the Quake game to produce a visually improved 3D world in which features such as edges, creases, and contours are more obvious and easily understood.

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COMP-767 - Advanced Topics in Graphics: Non-Photorealistic Rendering