Jackie Chi Kit Cheung   —   張智傑

Assistant Professor
Reasoning and Learning Lab
School of Computer Science
McGill University
Office: McConnell 108N    
Phone: 1 (514) 398-5491
E-mail: jcheung with the suffix (@cs.mcgill.ca)
Mailing Address:
McConnell Engineering Building, Room 318
3480 University
Montreal, Quebec  H3A 0E9
Affiliated with:
Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms
Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music
Centre for Intelligent Machines

My group conducts research in natural language processing (NLP), an area of artificial intelligence in which we build computational models of human languages such as English or French. The goal of our research is to develop computational methods for understanding text and speech, in order to generate language that is fluent and appropriate to the context.

In our lab, we investigate statistical machine learning techniques for analyzing and making predictions about language. Several current projects include summarizing fiction, extracting events from text, and adapting language across genres.