We are actively looking for a new post-doc to join the Reasoning and Learning Lab at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The initial term of appointment is for one year, renewable upon demonstration of good progress. While the specific parameters of the project are flexible, we are interested in candidates working in one or more of the following areas:

Candidates are expected to have a good publication record at top NLP and/or machine learning venues, excellent initiative, and communication skills. We have a preference for candidates with a background in designing and implementing deep learning models and in reinforcement learning. The primary responsibilities are to conduct independent research, and to collaborate with junior students. There will be minimal duties in terms of teaching, reporting or grant writing. Several past post-docs from the RL Lab are now in faculty positions in North America and abroad.

The faculty PIs on this project are:

Lab website: http://rl.cs.mcgill.ca/

The RL Lab is a thriving lab of four faculty members and 50+ students at all levels. Research activities include a broad spectrum of work in applied and theoretical aspects of NLP and machine learning. Current domains of applications include health-care, dialogue systems, and robotics.

Interested candidates should send us a CV and contact information for three references by e-mail (jcheung@cs). We will continue until the position is filled.

Thanks for your interest in working in my lab! Please read the following information before contacting me, according to your current status. Due to the large volume of requests I receive, I am unable to reply to most requests. Please do not let this discourage you from applying to our programs, if you think you are a qualified candidate!