Thanks for your interest in working in my lab! Please read the following information before contacting me, according to your current status. Due to the large volume of requests I receive, I am unable to reply to most requests. Please do not let this discourage you from applying to our programs, if you think you are a qualified candidate!

Undergraduates currently at McGill

You can send me an e-mail to ask about research projects that might be available. Please include your transcript and a description of why you want to work in natural language processing, and be sure to highlight any relevant background you might have. I am more likely to be able to supervise you if you are planning to apply for a summer internship (under the NSERC USRA or SURA program), or are planning to do an Honour's thesis.

M.Sc. applicants

M.Sc. admissions are handled centrally in our department. Please see this page for application instructions. I do not typically fund beginning M.Sc. students until after they have taken a course with me or shown other evidence of research potential. Unfortunately, I cannot evaluate your profile or tell you what your chances are by e-mail.

M.Sc. students currently at McGill: If you're looking for a M.Sc. thesis advisor, I recommend taking (and doing well in) COMP 550, and sending me e-mail near the end of term.

Ph.D. applicants

Step 1: Submit an application to the online MILA webform. The link is available from here. This step is recommended, as it will increase the chances that I will see your application.

Step 2: Submit an application through the official McGill application procedure. See this page for more information. This step is mandatory, whether or not you completed Step 1. Unfortunately, I cannot evaluate your profile or tell you what your chances are by e-mail without an official completed application.