Deliverables, milestones, and exercises

Deadlines are subject to change based on our progress through the course.

General information

The weekly schedule refers to deliverables, milestones, and exercises.

Deliverables are due on Friday at 23:59:59 of the week indicated on the schedule. The only exceptions is the peephole contest, which is due on Monday of week 12 at 23:59:59.

Unless otherwise indicated, we will be using Subversion to hand everything in. You will receive instructions once groups are formed. We will not accept any work submitted on paper or sent by email unless explicitly stated in the assignment.

Please follow the directions given on the web page for each set of exercises, milestone, or deliverable.


A deliverable is a complete assignment that you are required to submit for grading. The WIG deliverables that are due in weeks 3,4 and weeks 6-9 are, in combination, worth 20% of your final grade. The JOOS deliverables are worth 25% of your final grade.

The final WIG compiler and report submitted in Week 13 will be worth another 20% of your final grade (both in combination):
  • Week 13: WIG: compiler and WIG: report (no late days may be taken for this deadline; both compiler and report together are worth 20% of the final grade)
    • UPDATE: deadline extended to Sunday, Nov. 30th, 8am!

Late days

Each group will be given three late days for the entore term. If you want to take a late day at the given deadline then simply email the TA before this deadline, stating the group number and the number of late days you wish to take. You have three late days in total for the entire term and you may distribute them in whatever way you like. As long as your group uses these three late days or less this will not impact your grade. If you submit late without declaring that you wish to take late days upfront or after having run out of late days then the TA will consider this a late submission and will take this into account when grading the submitted deliverable. You cannot take late days for the submission of the peephole patterns (week 12) and the final WIG compiler and report in Week 13.


We will also give out exercises every week. These exercises are voluntary and are meant to give you an opportunity to prepare for the midterm and final exam. You will not be required to hand in those exercises and we will not grade them, however if you follow the exercises every week you should feel little to no need for additional preparation for the exams. We will often discuss the exercises in class.