deliverable: report

You must check in a report on your WIG compiler project.

You should check in the source code plus a pdf version of your report to group-X/wig/report/. PDF is the only form acceptable for the final copy, although you can use whichever tool you like to create it. There is a link below to a LaTeX template for you to look at and adapt to your needs. For technical illustrations, the Inkscape tool is both portable and generally excellent. You do not need to hand in any hard copy; your TA can print one if necessary.

Your report should describe and motivate any extensions, restrictions, or clarifications that you have made in the WIG language specification. It should also describe the individual phases and passes of your compiler, highlighting the choices that you have made. Informal writing is acceptable, but if you want to write some or all parts more formally that is also great. For instance, you do not need to provide a complete and nicely type system, provided you describe the important parts of your type checker, but you can do so if you think that is fun. Finally, you must present adequate evidence that your WIG system actually works, typically in the form of screenshots, command line output captures, and links to installed benchmarks. A report should be around 30 pages and follow the outline in the wig report directory.

A clear, well-written report with nice formatting is important. Please feel free to email with any clarifying questions you might have, or even better ask your question in the online discussion group.

There is no need to email us on completion. We will automatically take the version into account that was checked in last before the point of the deadline. Note that you cannot take any late day this time!

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