milestone: Group Formation and Project Preparation

Please complete this milestones (and all following ones) with your group partner. This milestone is intended to prepare you for the JOOS compiler enhancements and WIG compiler from-scratch implementation that you will complete in this course. The WIG project will be essentially the same as in previous years, and you are encouraged to look over the 2004 to 2007 pages linked from the bottom of the 2008 home page. The JOOS deliverables will also be quite similar to previous years. The precise details of the 2008 requirements will be available in due time. Answer this assignment in a plain text file called prep.txt and submit it using SVN, as stated below.

For this milestone you need to answer the following questions:
  1. Who are your group members?
  2. Are all of your email addresses working?
  3. Do we have your CS user IDs and ssh public keys? If not, you must send them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because otherwise you won't be able to check in the answer to this assignment! (You don't want to be wasting a late day on this easy assignment.)
  4. What is the background of each group member that prepares them for building a large software project? What particular skills do each of you bring to the group?
  5. Which compiler compiler toolset do you think you will use? Why? (No need to repeat the reasons to use C / Java discussed in class.) Note that for the next milestone you will extend the Tiny language using flex+bison, SableCC 2, and SableCC 3. This is to give you some experience with all toolsets and let you change your mind before it is too late.
  6. Which of you have had experience using version control for a software project before?
  7. What problems do you anticipate in the functioning of your group?
  8. What is your schedule like in terms of future group meetings?
  9. What are your plans for dividing the work? How will you ensure that every member knows how the different parts of the compiler work? Describe your software development strategy.
  10. Do you have midterms scheduled for other courses this term? If so, when? Would a midterm on October 27th pose any problems for you?
To complete this assignment, create and edit your file prep.txt at the location group-X/reports/prep.txt of your local working copy (or copy the file there if you created it somewhere else) and then commit it using svn commit. (Group numbers will be assigned before the deadline.) There is no need to email us on completion. Unless you took a late day we will automatically take the version into account that was checked in last before the point of the deadline.

This milestone is due by the beginning of class on Friday of week 3. Remember that milestone completion is required for project completion, and that timely milestone completion is part of your grade for the course.

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