milestone: type checking

At this point in time you should:

  • have defined the types relevant for WIG programs;
  • have specified a set of type rules for WIG programs (in prose, if you like);
  • have implemented the corresponding check for static type correctness; and
  • have tested your implementation, by:
    1. extending the pretty printer to print the type of every expression;
    2. writing test programs that provoke every error message; and
    3. making sure your compiler either handles these old examples and the 2007 and 2008 class benchmarks or prints an error message if not;
  • have added a command-line switch that enables (or disables) the type checking phase;
  • have added a command-line switch that enables (or disables) the printing of expression types in the pretty printer; and
  • have added a type target to your Makefile or build.xml for testing the type checker.

You should check in your source code to group-X/wig/src. You should also detail your progress for each of the steps above in group-X/reports/typecheck.txt. Remember that if you write your milestone report well enough then you can likely reuse portions of it in your final project report.

Due to recent problems with compiling the code of some of the groups, in addition:

  • select one machine in the CS cluster and make sure that your code compiles and runs on your code, regardless of how the environment is set up (you can assume, though, that commands like "sablecc" and "joos" are available, according to the instructions that we gave earlier)
  • in your report for this milestone, mention on which machine you conducted this test and how to invoke your scripts to reproduce the test results.

This milestone is due on the Friday of Week 9. It will not be considered complete until you have completed all of these tasks. This is a fairly considerable milestone and you will not be able to finish it in one day. Remember that successfully completing the milestones is a key factor in completing the WIG project, and that timely completion of milestones is part of the grade for the course. Also remember that we expect to see all group members committing changes to the Subversion repository.

There is no need to email us on completion. Unless you took a late day we will automatically take the version into account that was checked in last before the point of the deadline.

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