School of Computer Science

COMP350 Numerical Computing


  • MATLAB Information
    MATLAB is by far the best environment for experimentation in numerical computing. Although by itself it is not the most efficient choice for large-scale computing, it can be used to call compiled C and Fortran routines and experiment with the results. MATLAB is a product of The Mathworks.
    There are many free MATLAB online tutorials .
    An outdated but still very useful MATLAB Primer, Kermit Sigmon, 3rd ed.
  • How to run MATLAB on CS linux or FreeBSD machines?
    Type "matlab" on a terminal window.
  • Some MATLAB codes
    • Gaussian elimination with no pivoting genp.m
    • LU factorization with no pivoting lunp.m
    • Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting gepp.m
    • LU factorization with partial pivoting lupp.m
    • Examining solution to a 2 by 2 linear system with GENP no_pivot.m
    • Examining residual and errors for a family of linear equation problems. accuracy.m
    • The bisection method for solving a nonlinear equation bisection.m
    • Newton's method for for solving a nonlinear equation newton.m
    • Two examples used for testing the bisection method and Newton's method. f.m , fd.m , g.m, gd.m .
    • Computing the coefficients of the Newton form of polynomial interpolation newton_coef.m
    • Evaluating the Newton form of an interpolating polynomial for some x newton_pval.m
    • Main programs for two polynomal interpolation examples us_census.m , runge.m
    • Euler's method test_euler.m , euler.m , fun.m

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