School of Computer Science

COMP350 Numerical Computing

 Course Description

Purpose: To provide an introduction to numerical techniques for solving basic computational science problems. It emphasizes the design, analysis, and computer implementation of accurate and efficient algorithms.

Prerequisites: Facility with a high-lavel scientific programming language (such as C, C++, Java or Fortran), Calculus III, and an introductory knowledge of matrix theory and applications. These are provided by COMP 250 (or COMP 202), MATH 222 and MATH 223.


  • Computer numbers and arithmetic (3 lectures);
  • Taylor series, derivative approximation and numerical cancellation (1 lecture);
  • Use of MATLAB (1/3 lecture);
  • Solving systems of linear equations (3 2/3 lectures);
  • Solving a nonlinear equation (3 lectures);
  • Polynomial interpolation (3 lectures);
  • Spline interpolation (2 lectures);
  • Least-squares approximation (1 lecture);
  • Numerical integration (5 lectures);
  • Numerical ordinary differential equations (2 lectures).

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