International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages:
Theory and Practice (LFMTP'07)

Affiliated with CADE-21 at

Bremen, Germany, 15 July, 2007

LFMTP'07 continues the International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages (LFM) and merges it with the workshop on MEchanized Reasoning about Languages with variable BInding (MERλIN). A first version of LFMTP was held at FLOC'06..

Logical frameworks and meta-languages form a common substrate for representing, implementing, and reasoning about a wide variety of deductive systems of interest in logic and computer science. Their design and implementation on the one hand and their applications in for example proof-carrying code have been the focus of considerable research over the last two decades. This workshop will bring together designers, implementors, and practitioners to discuss all aspects of logical frameworks.

The broad subject areas of LFMTP'07 are

  • The automation and implementation of the meta-theory of programming languages and related calculi, particularly work which involves variable binding and fresh name generation.
  • The theoretical and practical issues concerning the encoding of variable binding and fresh name generation, especially the representation of, and reasoning about, datatypes defined from binding signatures.
  • Case studies of meta-programming, and the mechanization of the (meta)theory of descriptions of programming languages and other calculi. Papers focusing on logic translations and on experiences with encoding programming languages theory are particularly welcome.

Topics include, but are not limited to

  • logical framework design
  • meta-theoretic analysis
  • applications and comparative studies
  • implementation techniques
  • efficient proof representation and validation
  • proof-generating decision procedures and theorem provers
  • proof-carrying code
  • substructural frameworks
  • semantic foundations
  • methods for reasoning about logics
  • formal digital libraries

Invited talk:

    Randy Pollack, University of Edinburgh

Program :

    The full program of the day can be found here.

Proceeding :

    The final proceeding will be published in ENTCS (Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science). A preliminary version of the proceeding can be found here.


Brigitte Pientka      Carsten Schürmann
School of Computer Science Department of Theoretical Computer Science
McGill University IT University of Copenhagen
bp at cs dot mcgill dot ca carsten at itu dot dk


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Brigitte Pientka