Graduate students:
  1. Yuening Wang (Computer Science Master Candidate) (joined 2019 Fall)
  2. Bruce (Zhi) Wen (Computer Science Master Candidate) (joined 2019 Fall)
  3. Shih-Chieh Fuh (Computer Science Master Candidate) (joined 2019 Fall)
  4. Yuesong Zou (Computer Science Master Candidate) (joined 2020 Fall)
  5. Ziyang Song (Computer Science PhD Candidate) (joined 2020 Fall)
  6. Shady Zabad (Computer Science PhD Candidate) (co-supervised with Simon Gravel from Human Genetics) (joined 2020 Winter)
  7. David Collins (Computer Science Master Candidate) (co-supervised by Ariane Marelli from Department of Medicine) (joined 2020 Fall)
  8. Sydney Sue (Human Genetics Master Candidate) (co-supervised with Gustavo Turecki and Corina Nagy from Department of Psychiatry at McGill)
  9. Wenmin Zhang (Quantitative Life Science PhD Candidate) (co-supervised with Hamed Najafabadi from Human Genetics) (joined 2020 Fall)
Research Assistant: Postdoctoral associate: Undergraduate project students from McGill Internship student Past students