Open positions for postdocs and visiting scholars in machine learning and computational biology

We are hiring postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and already accepted McGill graduate students interested in machine learning, computational biology or statistical genetics. Our research vision is to develop novel machine learning methods to decipher, in a human-understandable manner, the etiology of diverse phenotypes based on genetic variants, cell-type specificities, genomic regulatory elements, gene and pathway functions, and their interactions with environments. In this vision, we will develop deep generative models to

  1. account for the multi-modality of the heterogeneous data,
  2. impute correlated non-missing at random variables,
  3. infer latent trajectory of diverse patients' health states based on their longitudinal irregularly sampled outpatient data,
  4. infer the directed paths from driver genetic variants, causal genes and pathways, and to phenotypes leveraging the functional impacts of sequence mutations inferred from genomic data.

Interested postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars should:

The start date for postdocs and visiting scholars is after January 1, 2019. The salary for a postdoctoral fellow will be based on the McGill University standards. Applicants should email their research summaries and three reference letters to Dr. Yue Li. Interested MSc/PhD students please directly apply to the School of Computer Science at McGill University.