COMP 522A Project


      Name       : Sadaf Mustafiz
      e-mail     : sadaf[at]
      Name       : Miriam Zia
      e-mail     : mzia2[at]

Project Title: Modelling and Simulation of a Pump Control System

The application chosen is a standard in real-time systems literature: the pump (or mine) control system. The pump system has been studied in the context of dependability properties, in the TARDIS (Timely and Reliable Distributed Systems) [3] project. The detailed system specification can be found here.

Project Proposal

The project proposal can be found here.

Project Presentation

The project presentation in pdf form can be found here.

Project Report

Link to the project report

The project report can be found in pdf form here.

Source Code

DEVS implemenation of the original model:

DEVS implemenation of the fault-tolerant model (using maximum voter):

DEVS implemenation of the fault-tolerant model (using majority voter):

To run the simulation, two other files are required: DEVS.txt and

Note: The source files need to be renamed to .py from .txt to be executed.


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Fall 2004