Knowledge Enhanced Software Connectivity (KESEC) Lab

Software artifacts are connected, e.g. a test case is written to verify the compliance with a specific requirement. Software stakeholders are connected, e.g. a user decides to report a bug with the expectation that a certain developer will fix it. In fact, you can hardly name any artifacts nor stakeholders existing in isolation. In our lab, we study how software artifacts and stakeholders are connected through explicit and hidden relationships, and how such relationships can support software development and maintenance tasks. In particular, we investigate the role of knowledge in software connectivity — how technical, design, and domain knowledge are and should be demonstrated when humans draw connections in their reasoning and learning processes. Our broad areas of interest include software engineering, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction.

If you are interested in joining KESEC lab, please contact Jin L.C. Guo. The graduate program detail can be found here.

Current Students