The course is over. Thanks to all who participated!

From the student's feedback:

  • Final and Early course evaluation results

  • The least favorite rules of inference:
    Rule Voted by # of students Reason
    RAA7Little explanatory value, difficult to use
    Or-Elim3Requires too many lines
    Or-Intro1Too easy, is like cheating
    Double-Negation1Too simple
    Existential-Elim1Difficult to get rid of assumptions
    Universal-Intro1Too many restrictions
    Induction axiom1 
    none1All are necessary

  • Essay topics chosen:
  • Completeness proof for the propositional calculus
  • The logic of normal forms
  • Post's multi-valued logic
  • Logic: How people do reason, or how they should reason?
  • George Boole and modern computing
  • The four color theorem
  • Proofs of theorems vs. computer verification
  • Quine: On what there is
  • Logic in Action: Sherlock Holmes
  • The Beatles: Breaking musical logic?

  • Test 1 answer key: doc, htm
  • Test 2 answer key: doc, htm
  • 4/29/03: Please fill out the final course evaluation form and hand it in by Friday, May 2.
  • 4/28/03: Change of deadline: All homeworks, redo's, etc. are due Friday, May 2.
  • 4/23/03: Homework 13 is out (due Wednesday, April 30)
    For the second problem, see the handout on Natural Deduction.
    Remember, that the essay is due Friday, April 25.
    All homeworks, redo's, etc. are due Wednesday April 30.
  • 4/14/03: Homework 12 is out (due Wednesday, April 23)
    Remember, that the essay outline is due Friday, April 18.
  • 4/7/03: Homework 11 is out.
  • 4/4/03: Test No. 2
  • 3/21/03: Homework 10 is out.
  • 3/16/03: Suggestions for essay topics and examples on how to make citations.
  • 3/15/03: Homework 9 is out.
  • 3/08/03: Homework 8 is out.
  • 3/05/03: Homework 7 is due on Monday, March 10 (not on Friday as stated on the assignment).
    The first test was returned today in class.
  • 2/28/03: Homework 7 is out.
  • 2/23/03: Homework 6 is out.
    See the early course evaluation results
  • 2/19/03: Homework 5 is out.
  • 2/17/03: Due to the snow the university is closed today, the test is rescheduled to Wed., Feb. 19.
  • 2/10/03: Please fill out the early course evaluation form and hand it in in class on Wednesday, Feb. 12.
  • 2/07/03: Homework 4 is out.
    See Schedule for dates for review session and the first test.
    Note: Dirk will be out of town from Feb.13 to Feb.20. During this time, please direct all questions etc. to Tyler Gibson (TA).
  • 1/31/03: Homework 3 is out.
  • 1/27/03: Correction of typos on problems 1d and 3 of homework 2.
  • 1/24/03: Homework 2 is out, in Word and html formats.
  • 1/17/03: Homework 1 is out.
    Homeworks can be downloaded from the Schedule page.
  • 1/13/03: The course has started.
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