Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Philosophy,
80-101 Freshman Seminar, Fall 1998

Mathematics in Scientific Context

Prof. Wilfried Sieg


(1) Problem solving: concerning Turing's World; there will be ten problem sets. They have to be done in groups of three students. At least eight of these ten problem sets have to be handed in; they are always due on the Tuesday following the Thursday on which they are handed out.

(2) Reading and discussing: there is a substantial amount of reading material. You should be well prepared for every class; obviously, attendance is crucial. All of this is particularly important, as the class is a Seminar!

(3) Writing and presenting: of summaries and of critical analyses will be an important part of assignments. Every student will have to make brief presentations of some of the assigned material.

(4) A one-hour midterm on October 8.

(5) A three-hour final; the date will be fixed by the Registrar.

Grades will be determined from (1), (2)&(3), (4), and (5) in the ratio 20:20:25:35.

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