Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Philosophy,
80-101 Freshman Seminar, Fall 1998

Mathematics in Scientific Context

Prof. Wilfried Sieg

Required Texts

Here is the literature, that is relevant for this course.
  • Robert Osserman. Poetry of the Universe. Anchor Books, 1996.

  • Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy. Turing's World 3.0. CSLI Lecture Notes #35. CSLI Publications, Stanford, 1993.

  • Selected essays by Hilbert, Gödel, Turing, Church, Kleene, Newell and Simon, Newell.

  • Related Reading

    General Overviews and Historical Material:

  • William Dunham. Journey through Genius -- The great theorems of mathematics. Wiley Science Editions, 1990.

  • J.L. Heilbronn. Geometry civilized. Oxford University Press, 1998.

  • Eric T. Bell. The Magic of Numbers. Dover, 1974.

  • Clark Glymour. Thinking Things Through. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992.

  • Morris Kline. Mathematics in Western Culture. Oxford University Press, 1974.

  • Logic and Metamathematics:

  • P. Suppes. Introduction to Logic. D. Van Nostrand, New York, 1957.

  • Stephen Kleene. Itroduction to Metamathematics. Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen, 1954.

  • Logic and Mathematical Problem Solving:

  • G. Polya. How to Solve It : A New Aspect of Mathematical Method. Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J, 1973.

  • R. Smullyan. What is the Name of this Book?. Simon and Schuster, New York, 1978.

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