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  • COMP 350 Fall
    Numerical Computing
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    Matrix Computations
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    Numerical Estimation
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    MLAMBDA: MATLAB package for integer least squares ambiguity determination (Released in October 2011/ Last updated in May 2016).

    This package provides routines to solve the integer least squares problem (in quadratic form) $$ \min_{\boldsymbol{x}\in \mathbb{Z}^n} (\boldsymbol{x} - \boldsymbol{a})^T \boldsymbol{W}^{-1} (\boldsymbol{x} - \boldsymbol{a}), $$ where \(\boldsymbol{x}\) is an integer vector, \(\boldsymbol{a}\) is a real vector and \(\boldsymbol{W}\) is a symmetric positive definite matrix.

    Documentation: Users' Guide

    Download Package: file (including User's Guide)

    Citation: If you use this package in your research work to be published, please include explicit mention of our following work in your publication:

    [1] X.-W. Chang, MLAMBDA: Matlab Package for Integer Least Squares Ambiguity Determination,, May 2016.

    [2] X.-W. Chang, X. Yang, and T. Zhou. MLAMBDA: A modified LAMBDA method for integer least-squares estimation. Journal of Geodesy, 79:552-565, 2005.

    [3] M. Al Borno, X.-W. Chang, and X. Xie. On "Decorrelation" in Solving Integer Least-Squares Problems for Ambiguity Determination, Survey Review, 46:37-49, 2014.

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