The Unicorns :: News

WEBSITE. Date posted: July 4, 2005
Check back here in the future as I may make some live Unicorns music available for those still suffering the break up. For now, check out The Secret Unicorns Forum.

The Unicorns. Date posted: December 28th, 2004
The Unicorns broke up on December 28th, 2004.

Nick & J'aime. Date posted: October 16th, 2004
Nick and J'aime of The Unicorns will be performing on Friday, October 22, 2004 at Montreal's Electronic Groove (festival), at Societe des arts technologiques (1195 boulevard Saint-Laurent), at 17:00. For info about the festival go to:

The Unicorns. Date posted: January 15th, 2004.
The Unicorns are alive and well, and currently on tour. They played a show in Montreal on January 10th, 2004, and they completely blew everyone's mind! As of the summer of 2003 The Unicorns are a band of 3. They have been officially joined by an amazing drummer: Jaime 'Tambeur' Thompson.

WEBSITE. Date posted: June 2nd, 2003.
The music and lyrics page has been overhauled. The lyrics are accessible one at a time, or per album. Ogg is a patent and license-free file format that will be used from now on in place of mp3 because the mp3 file format is proprietary (owned by Fraunhofer). Ogg is widely supported and growing in popularity. Winamp 2 and 3 support Ogg. For more info about ogg, please go to, and check out the FAQ at Vorbis.

The Unicorns. Date posted: April 26th, 2003.
Montreal's Hour magazine (issue April 24 to 30) has a brief column on The Unicorns, with comments from Nick. More details at interviews.

The Unicorns. Date posted: April 8th, 2003.
An interview with The Unicorns has been composed. More details at interviews.

The Unicorns. Date posted: February 1st, 2003.
The Unicorns are expected to release their first album on Monday, February 3rd, 2003. Several hundred copies have been printed, with the majority destined for Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The album will be released under The Unicorns' own label: CATERPILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY.

WEBSITE. Date posted: September 11th, 2002.
A guestbook, or "message board" has been added to The Unicorns' website.

The Unicorns. Date posted: September 10th, 2002.
Eight new audio tracks have been added to the music collection!

Someone is putting out a 7 inch vinyl record of The Unicorns! It's a split with The Unicorns on one side, and a band called The Arcade Fire on the other. Also, more news, The Unicorns are looking to put out a 12 inch vinyl record/CD of their old stuff. They've recorded a bunch of new songs this summer, and are still recording them, long distance by e-mail. They are hoping to send their music out to labels in the near future.

The Unicorns. Date posted: August 6th, 2002.
It's official; The Unicorns will be playing a concert in Victoria, British Columbia, on the 15th of August, 2002. Please check the concerts page for more details.

The Unicorns. Date posted: August 1st, 2002.
The Unicorns are back together and quite possibly doing it better than ever! Supposedly they have a concert lined up. Please check the concerts page for more info.

The Unicorns. Date posted: July 9th, 2002
The Unicorns broke up. They had 4 shows lined up in the next month, one with Nick's second favourite band, The Microphones. Alden is in a depression-funk and doesn't want to practice or play any of the shows.

Nick. Date posted: July 1st, 2002
As planned, Nick is leaving for British Columbia today. He will return to Montreal in late August.

The Unicorns. Date posted: June 2002
Alden and Nick are on opposite sides of Canada. As you can see, a dilemma exists. Brief, intermittent minglings over the past one year and a half, has permitted the Unicorns to get this far, but much much more is in the works, including: a focus on the live show with: puppets, eyewear, back-up choir, string and brass section, and et cetera. The duo plan to regroup in July 2002 for writing, recording, and extravagant live "happenings".