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The Unicorns Interview Source: Hour Magazine, Montreal Issue: April 24th to 30th, 2003.

"In the tradition of many things quirky, poppy and sentimental, we have here The Unicorns, a friendly duo..."

The full text transcribed without permission here.
The Unicorns Interview Source: Interview Date: April 7th, 2003.

An amazingly funny interview with The Unicorns, composed by Jordan Cramer, is available at The Unicorns are geniuses for sure.. for instance, consider Alden's response to the question about how their music is constructed... and read Nick's response to the question regarding The Unicorns' live music versus their record music. Also check out their side project Zzzz... "Sea Ghost" is mind-blowing!

"Hailing from two separate provinces (British Columbia and Quebec), The Unicorns make the type of music anyone and everyone should enjoy. Nicholas 'Niel' Diamonds and Alden Ginger..."

The interview is available at its original source, but a local copy is also available just in case.