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    Short-term vs. Long-term Visitors

      Visitors are considered short-term visitors if their stay does not exceed 3 months; otherwise they are considered long-term visitors.


      A visitor may be invited as one of the following:
        • Visiting Researcher or Visiting Professor
        • Research Associate or Research Assistant
        • Postdoc
        • Academic Trainee
        • Graduate Research Trainee

    Invitation Letters

      Letters of invitation should be sent ahead of time so your visitor can apply and receive any required documents prior to departure for McGill.

      You may prepare your own but we strongly recommend that you allow us to prepare it for you based on your instructions.

      In the case of Graduate Research Trainees, the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office will generate these letters of invitation based on the receipt of the following documents:

        • Graduate Research Trainee Registration Form
        • Letter of Permission from the home university
        • Official transcript or certified copy from each university-level institution attended to date

      Click here for more information on the process.

      Letters of invitation are binding as they are official contracts.

      N.B. Changing the status of your visitor after arrival may cause serious complications for the visitor.

      Click here to view details regarding Letter Guidelines and Sample Letters.

    Quebec Tax Holiday



      To be covered by Quebec Medicare, you must invite your visitor for at least 6 months plus one day. Even if your visitor qualifies, it is advisable that
      he/she arrange for private medical insurance before leaving home in order to be covered while waiting for the issue of a Medicare card.

    Visiting Students

      If you want to pay a visiting student then you may either invite him/her as a:

        • Research Assistant or Research Associate (*N.B. non-Canadians must possess a valid work permit); or
        • Student Research Assistant (*N.B. the student must register as a student at McGill and must possess a valid student visa.

      *N.B. If your visiting student plans to take courses for credit at McGill, he/she must apply and register by the university deadlines.

    Access to Building/Libraries

      For building access (during silent hours) or library access, kindly indicate these needs on the online visitor request form.  We cannot guarantee access for last-minute requests.

    Resource Contact

      Tricia Bernier (x 00075) or Tricia.Bernier AT