McGill University

Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching assistant

Carnegie Mellon University

  • 80-100 What Philosophy Is, Prof. Mark Ravaglia. Fall 2002
  • 80-110 Nature of Mathematical Reasoning, Prof. Richard Scheines. Spring 2000
  • 80-150 Nature of Reason, Prof. Jeremy Avigad. Fall 1999
  • 80-101 Mathematics in Scientific Context, Prof. Wilfried Sieg. Fall 1998

Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Prof. Wolfgang Bibel. Summer 1996
  • Computer Science IV: Theoretical computer science. Summer 1994
  • Computer Science III: Algorithms and data structures. Winter 1993/4

Teaching-related activities

  • Attended teaching workshop "Using questions to promote classroom engagement" (with Tom Haffie). Teaching and Learning Services. McGill University (11/24/06). Attended "Safe Space" workshop (3/31/06).
  • April 9, 2003: Recipient of the university-wide CMU Graduate Student Teaching Award 2002-03 (more, grad student times, past winners).
  • Summer 2002: Organization of a workshop on Teaching Philosophy at CMU in the Summer.
  • Spring 2000-January 2002: Successfully completed the Documentation of Teaching Development program at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. As part of this program I have written Portfolio Experiences, a summary and analysis of my experiences with using a portfolio/journal for teaching undergraduates in philosophy.
  • From 1998 to 2002: Regularly attended teaching seminars (12) at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence: Monitoring your teaching effectiveness, (2/10/98), Planning effective lectures, (2/17/98), Teaching First-Year Undergraduates, (9/9/98), Preparing to Teach a Summer Class, (4/4/00), Conducting productive discussions, (6/14/00), Writing in the disciplines, (10/3/00), Reflecting on your teaching style, (10/10/00), Communicating across cultures, (10/17/00), Assessing student learning and providing helpful feedback (11/7/00), Overview student motivation (1/31/01), Course and syllabus design (4/4/01), Promoting academic integrity (2/7/02).