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Operating Systems

Description: This assignment is laboratory exercise 2.1, p. 76, "A Simple Shell".

You should familiarize yourself with the material which describes the background to the problem in this section.

The demo dates for the assignment are October 4,5,6 and 7. There will be no extensions granted, so don't ask.

A sign-up sheet will be distributed in class in order to make appointments for the demo of the program with the TA. You should bring a hard copy of your source code to the demo with you. In the event that you are not in class, I will post the sign up sheet outside McConnell 107(TA office).

The demo cannot be postponed or missed. The grade assigned for a missed demo is zero. Hence you should show up even if the program does not work to your satisfaction.

Papers for Distributed Simulation

Selected papers

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Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation

Carl Tropper