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An After-note

  After Daddy died in May 1934 Mother used the place every summer including that of 1939 knowing that she really couldn't afford it and it would have to go. Finally, but after Alma was married there in June of 1939, it was sold that autumn to Mr. H. G. Norman. It was sold for the price of the mortgage which was $13,000 and everything was included: the small aging Arab horse, Billy, and Winnie my standard-bred riding horse; the little pony trap and sleigh which has belonged to Allan and Jim Routledge and was given to us by Mrs Routledge; the boats -- in fact, everything. War had broken out again and we were all very occupied and broke so that we hadn't time to be sad -- just glad that a solution that kept everything together had been found. Except Jane who was far away in India, which she hated, who felt her life line had disappeared -- and, I expect, Mother.

At some point Mr. Norman sold a strip of land on the South boundary to Og. and Kay Leslie, and, in 1962, Norman and Marjorie Scott bought the little old farm house from Mrs. Gaetans, the widow of one of Mr. Norman's farmers.

Marjorie Scott told me (I think this is what she was saying) that other owners of the South Farm, though probably not in this ordr, were: Stephen Bryant -- David Pepin -- Wm. Juby -- Mrs. Robbins -- Walter Leney -- Judge E. E. Howard (1913-1939) -- H. G. Norman -- The German Monks, from whom it was rescued by Derek Price.

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