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Ivesleigh Farm

  Here I quote from a letter written on her 89 tex2html_wrap_inline357 birthday, Oct. 10, 1930, by Mrs Joel Ives of Stanstead. It doesn't altogether agree with Appendix A. of Mr. Jellett's book (which I mentioned in writing about the Rexford cemetary on our farm) but I think it is worth quoting here inaccuracies, punctuation and all.

It says: ``Joel and Joseph Ives were the only members of the Ives families who came here to Canada from Meriden, Connecticut. They settled on the shore of Lake Memphremagog when the region was a dense forest; cleared some land, built small houses and brought their wives here -- when the lakes and rivers were the `Ancient Highway'. After the government road was built from Georgeville to Hatley (as the Magog township was then called) each built a two storey house; gathering the material from the land -- sand from the Lakeshore, and burning the lime from a ledge nearby, the clay was also handy: thus they made their own mortar and bricks on the spot.''

``The houses still remain standing after a lapse of nearly a century and a half. Joel's is owned by Mr. Murray of the Shawinigan Falls Light Co., who has also bought part of the Joseph Ives place owned by a Mr. Partington, an Englishman. I am told that Mr. Murray has bought other land adjoining, owning about one thousand acres.''

Ivesleigh Farm was later bought by Mrs Mary Dobell who built a wooden house on the spot where Joel Ives' house stood. Mrs Dobell's family sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Price.

Figure: 1913 Howard Murray's Ivesleigh Farm. Jane and the Twins.

Figure: Built about 1812 by Joel Ives of Brick Made on the Property.

Figure: Burned Down in the Autumn of 1942.

Figure: Ivesleigh, 1921-1922. The Main Road Runs between the House and Future Tennis Court.

Figure: Ivesleigh, 1921-1922. If You Look Carefully You Will See Marg (Wonham)

Figure: Ivesleigh, 1921-1922.

Figure: Ex Libris Howard Murray.

Figure: 1931. The View in Winter.

Figure: Note the Hickory Hurdles.

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