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  It must have been in the very early spring of 1913 that my father went with Mr Howard Murray to look at the property he (Mr M.) was buying on the East Shore of Lake Memphremagog, but whenever it was it didn't take Daddy long to decide to buy for himself the property next door to the North. It was known as ``The South Farm'' being Lot 4A (the south half of Lot 4) 16 Range, North Hatley Township. He seems to have bought it from David Pepin because it was to him that his cheques of June 17 tex2html_wrap_inline357 , 1913 ($300) and July 7 tex2html_wrap_inline357 , 1913 ($1200) ``on acct. of purchase price of farm'' were made out. Whether there were any more payments after that I don't know but in 1918 the farm was valued at $3000 by the Corporation of the Township of Magog.

Figure: 1913. The Farm House Front ...

Figure: ... and Rear (Laundry out to Dry.

By the middle of June he was going out to the farm almost every other weekend taking with him either Mother or Jane. The entries on what account sheets are still around are interesting if only because Jane, at 6 was transported by the C.P.R. almost free; i.e.: ``June 14-15 Expenses trip to farm -- Mrs. H. & self: Ry. 5 tex2html_wrap_inline363 Hotel & carriage 4 tex2html_wrap_inline365 '' as against ``June 22-23 Self & Jane: Ry. 2 tex2html_wrap_inline367 Hotel 3 tex2html_wrap_inline367 Carriage 3 tex2html_wrap_inline371 '' But then on July 6-7 ``Mrs H. & self, Ry.5 tex2html_wrap_inline363 Hotel 4 tex2html_wrap_inline363 Carriage 3 tex2html_wrap_inline377 ''. The ``Hotel'' was the Battles House which was the only hotel in town. It was close to ``the Outlet''.

Before he moved his family out on August 1 tex2html_wrap_inline379 , 1913, Daddy had hired Lloyd Allen (Mrs Partington's brother) to look after the place and had bought a span of horses for $393 tex2html_wrap_inline363 and a cow for $55 tex2html_wrap_inline383 . He had also bought from Fraser Bros. a gladstone buggy ($60 tex2html_wrap_inline383 ) and a skiff for $45 tex2html_wrap_inline383 . These were essential purchases to cover transportation (7 miles to Magog, 3 to Georgeville) and a supply of fresh milk. At this point Daddy had no intention of ``farming''. That came later when War broke out in 1914. He was content to harvest and sell what hay the land produced but otherwise it was to be enjoyed as a holiday place: his country home!

Figure: Lloyd Allen with Jim and Joe.

Figure: Harvesting (Jane and The Twins).

Figure: This is All the View there was of The Lake.

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