The purpose of this webpage is to deliver the claim made in the paper "Detecting Fragile Comments", i.e. to release the evaluation data publicly, that has been accepted at the Automated Software Engineering (ASE) Conference, 2017.


Fraco is a tool that detects fragile comments generated on renaming the code elements using automatic refactoring tools. Fragile comments are those comments that become inconsistent with the related source code upon renaming a program element. Fraco handles all types of program elements such as classes, methods, fields and local variables. Additionally, it detects all the fragile comments irrespective of their type i.e., Javadoc comments, non-Javadoc block comments and line comments.

Benchmark Data

The performance of Fraco is evaluated by comparing its results against the benchmark data created by the human annotator, who in our case is the first author of the paper.
Fraco is evaluated using two different sets of data:

Source Code

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