COMP 648

Fall 2005-06


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Oct. 25: Solutions and graded homeworks are now available for pickup in room 318 McConnell.

Oct. 25: homework 4 is due today.

Sept. 27: homework 3 is due Oct. 4 in class.

Sept. 10: homework 2 is due Sept. 20 in class.

(The first homework was to turn in your preferences for the WAFR 04 papers, available for viewing in McConnell 318.)

Sept. 10: No office hours on Tues. Sept. 18. You may contact the ta at mlangl5 at cs dot mcgill dot ca

Sept. 1: Svetlana Stolpner will be speaking in class on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Sept. 1: Announcements will appear here. This is the first one.