Research Interests

My research interests lie in theoretical computer science, in particular logic, type theory and functional programming languages. I also am interested in topics of theoretical mathematics such as graph theory and topology.

My research mainly focuses on linear logic and its applications to computer science. In particular, linear logic can be used to model resources and stateful systems, which in turn can lead to modelling concurrent systems. I am currently working on a linear an programming and reasoning framework: Lincx. My previous research experience focused on working with explicit substitution.


Shawn Otis. Lincx: A Linear Logical Framework with First-Class Contexts , Master's Thesis. April 2017


Aina Linn Georges, Agata Murawska, Shawn Otis, Brigitte Pientka. Lincx: A Linear Logical Framework with First-class Contexts, 26th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'17), 2017

Related Research

I work under the supervision of Brigitte Pientka. The main focus of the Computational Logic group is to work on a Programming and Reasoning Framework. The current framework, Beluga, is built on the contextual modal logical framework, but efforts are expended to extend it with linear logic (see above) and copatterns.