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iBMSC 3.0.5 Delta is now available at download page.

What is iBMSC?

  • iBMSC is a Be-Music Source (BMS) creator and editor with graphical user interface.
  • It supports most present BMS files.
  • It has customizable themes to adapt to most BMS players and simulators.
  • It is multilingual.
  • It supports longnote visualization, and has two input modes to help users from both BMSE and NT.
  • It supports automatic calculations of BPM.
  • It supports perfect free grid.
  • It is free!

Help to make iBMSC better

Do not hesitate to contact me for any bug reports, good ideas, or anything you think can be implemented or improved in iBMSC.

My email address is {please enable javascript}

TODO list:

  • Support for xxxx7 channels
    • Landmine
    • Tooltip on Error Notes + Detailed error checking
    • Measure Index
    • Column Selection
  • UI rearrangement
    • "Tab" Key + Focus
  • OGG converter
  • BMP + BGA support
  • MyO2 ToolBox
  • Help file
  • Random tool
  • And probably runtime scripting support ...

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